Here’s Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Deliver Your Baby In Water

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Here’s Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Deliver Your Baby In Water


Childbirth that occurs in water is referred to as water birth.  It is believed that water birth results in a more relaxed delivery of the baby.  Furthermore, it is a less painful experience for the mother.  While water birth is sometimes criticized, there are numerous benefits both for and the mother and a child in giving childbirth this way.  In this article I will propose my top five reasons why I think it is better both for the mother and a child to experience such childbirth.

  1. No Pain

While every childbirth is painful, and it is supposed to be painful, women who have had to water births claim that they have experienced much less pain in giving such birth to their children.  The pool for water will not take away all the pain, but it will most definitely take away some amount of pain, and it will be easier for and the woman giving birth.

  1. no_epiduralNo Epidurals

If you want to a natural delivery at home, you can opt out for water birth and choose not to use the epidural.  Some ladies are even scared of the epidural.  There are many things which can go wrong which the shot; it is not healthy for the mother or the child.  Look at it this way, if we were supposed to be numb while giving childbirths, wouldn’t we be like that naturally?

Even the pain you feel during childbirth serves a specific purpose, and that is for you to be aware of what is happening to your body and to give birth to a happy and healthy child, not a drugged up child on painkillers.

  1. No Stress Urinary Incontinence

The urinary incontinence which a lot of ladies experience after regular or epidural childbirth is much lower with those ladies call had a given birth in water.  In this way, you all are also protecting your own health, and keeping you from developing other health issues which you do not want for yourself.

  1. No Uncomfortable Hospital Beds

When you are thinking of water birth just consider the fact of how much comfortable and easier it will be for your baby and yourself to give birth in water.  The hospital beds are very uncomfortable, and this can lead to the prolonged childbirth.

  1. No Stress and No Anxiety

p19f0imc03jojenuaaj10v4le41The very fact that you are giving birth at home will make you less stressed and more relaxed.  Furthermore, your baby will not be as shocked to emerge in water, as it was having been in regular childbirth.  It is very important for the mother to be relaxed, to be at peace with her, because all this stress is easily transfer it to the baby, and no one wants that for their child!

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